Our Investment Approach

Investment strategy

As a partner-led investment firm, JRJ differentiates itself by being able to act in quickly in fast moving situations across the corporate lifecycle.

From early stage seed capital for highly ambitious management teams to partner with proven enterprises and buy-outs of multinational firms, JRJ has execution expertise, support capability and deep experience.

The team sources deals outside of auction processes through bottom-up research, sector mapping and existing networks at senior and junior levels. Ambitious and aspirational management teams approach JRJ, referred by other firms we have worked with or keen to work with sector experts


Structure and partnership

Our partner-led model allows us to be flexible and opportunistic around deal structures and tailor and optimise it to specific situations and sectors

  • Buyouts: Controlling equity stakes in established enterprises
  • Growth Capital: Primary and secondary capital into growing businesses
  • Early stage capital: Provision of capital, infrastructure and close collaboration to management teams to deliver exceptional growth



  • Real value creation
  • Ambitious management teams
  • Collaboration
  • Alignment of interests


Responsible investment:

JRJ is committed to responsible stewardship of its assets and cultivates the same ethos in its management teams.